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Someday, I hope the two of us will meet by chance.

Extention of Marchy's journal.

Marchy :D
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The Future Mrs.Nakajima

Marchy C. de Leon

Marchy C. De Leon. I am unique. I admit that I am weird. It is rare for me to trust people. I tend to fan girl a lot especially when it comes to Yuto Nakajima and the rest of Hey! Say! JUMP. Mere words might mislead you into thinking stuff that I am not. But I am describing myself the way I know myself. Straightforward, cute, kind, ill-mannered, vain and noisy are the words people often use to describe me. While, anime-addict, japanophile, struggling-cosplayer and graphic artist are the words often used to label me. A day with a glass of bubble tea, a plate of chicken strips, my friends, J-pop music, my cellphone, my wallet and my digital camera “Digicxz” is total bliss for me. I find luxury in listening to any music by Johnny’s Entertainment artists. I adore all things Japanese. I grew up following Japanese customs. Everything I have been working for throughout my whole life can be traced towards one country: JAPAN.
Nakajima Yuto